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  Designing is one of the most exciting parts about making jewellery. As you discuss ideas with the client you can start a real creative flow with one idea evolving from another, this can lead to something completely different and unique from the original brief.

Design ideas can come from a variety of areas, once you start to look you can see shape and form in almost anything. A big design source is of course nature. Flowers, leaf shapes, animals, insects, trees and even landscapes have inspired designers and artists throughout the generations, with different design styles being associated with different periods in history.
  When it comes to Jewellery there are a few things to take into consideration before you start. An item of Jewellery can develop from on idea or shape and can then be embellished with gemstones or another way is to start with a gemstone and enhance it with the metalwork that is to hold and display it. These both have different starting points but the principle of designing remains the same. It is important to look around and find the sort of things that you like.
  Our business is based on being able to make the things that people want but can't find. A client might have bought a gemstone abroad and wants it made up into a piece, or someone might be about to celebrate a ruby wedding and wants something, don't know what, just so long as it has a ruby in it! We have had many experience of listening to clients describe what they are visualising and successfully producing a finished piece that is treasured.
  The maple leaf pendant evolved from a study drawing we did of a leaf and some of the keys. We then started to loosely sketch the leaf and parts of the leaf, refining them into very basic shapes. We then took a few of these simplified shapes and combined them with the keys, which we wanted to keep as close to the originals. This lead to the final drawing and eventually to the finished piece in 9ct gold.( See Necklaces in the Collections section)
  The starting points for the nurses’ buckle is different in that we have to keep to a certain finished width in order to take the belt. Also the design must not be too spiky or it might catch on patients. There is also a joint down the middle so the buckles are usually symmetrical but are just as successful with different designs on either side.
  We usually just work on one side of the design as you can see from the sketches of the iris buckle. We refine the lines and shapes with each successive drawing until we have a final design, usually to the exact finished size.

It is important when designing a piece around a gemstone to know its exact size and to work to that scale. It is then much easier to see what will work and what won't. Overall finished size is important to know too and is why we try to provide designs that are to scale. If a customer has trouble visualising the finished piece from a pencil sketch then we can provide what is called a 'paint-up', and as you can see this gives a much closer idea of the final shape and colour.

So if there is an item of jewellery that you've always wanted but never been able to find then contact us. No matter how vague your idea is, or how detailed, we can E-mail you sketches or paint-ups with free quotes to make what you desire a reality.


Most people have jewellery that they no longer wear or have been given jewellery that they really don't like. Some of these pieces can have sentimental value and would never be parted with but also would never be worn. One solution is to have these sorts of pieces melted down and remade into something else. We have even been asked to break up one piece of jewellery and remake it into two separate pieces because the client knew her daughters would fight over it after she was gone!

All we need to know is the sizes of any stones and what you would really like to have instead, and we can provide a sheet of design ideas for you to choose from.


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