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Guy and Menna Morey

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Guy has always been fascinated with minerals and gemstones, having amassed quite a collection by the time he had left school. It was a natural progression from collecting gemstones to setting them in jewellery and he made his first single faceted stone ring at the age of 14. By 16 years old he was already designing and manufacturing jewellery for friends and relations.

Menna is a natural artist and sculptor with an enduring love of the Art Nouveau and Celtic styles. She specialises in hand-formed jewellery and enjoys combining sculpture techniques in jewellery manufacture, carving miniature and detailed designs.

They started the business known as G&M Jewellery in 1978 to provide well-made, affordable jewellery to individual designs. This was a natural progression from their College days, where they both gained qualifications in 3-dimensional design with an emphasis on jewellery design and manufacture.

Their first situation was demonstrating design and manufacture in an open workshop environment at a local craft centre. As news of their unique blend of individual design and high quality workmanship spread the business went from strength to strength, rapidly developing a loyal customer base, and G&M moved into the premises 123 High Street, Ryde in 1982.


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