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G&M Jewellery on Channel 4's TIME TEAM
During the 2002 series we appeared on Channel 4's Time Team reproducing a roman brooch with ancient methods. Click here to read the full story and to buy a reproduction from the same master.
Ancient Jewellery
Ancient jewellery has always fascinated us and we have often experimented with the manufacture of Viking and Saxon pieces with authentic techniques. This sometimes involves handmaking the necessary tools before even starting on the piece, and an in depth study of techniques such as granulation (the joining of metals without a solder).

Putting our skills to the test we made the ring pictured in fine gold set with hand cut garnets. This ring was based on a piece from the Thetford treasures which our client had seen at the British Museum and just had to have.

Pectoral Cross, Quarr Abbey
We have had several commissions from Quarr Abbey (should you ever have a chance to visit, look at the hand beaten silverware on the altar), but the most memorable is the one pictured.

This fine silver cross was commissioned as a gift for the Abbot of a monastery in Chile. The cross has a hidden reliquary (compartment) which contains a fragment of clothing once worn by Edward the Confessor.

The Abbot has since died and was buried with the cross still about his neck.

Inca Necklet
The Inca style necklet was made for a client who was inspired by a museum exhibition of ancient South American craftsmanship. The technique of lost wax casting was used, working soft wax with fingers and simple wooden tools. The piece was then centrifugally cast in the normal manner in a rich yellow 18ct gold and finished with a minimum of buffing to retain the cast surface.
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